Small Town Family Fun – Temple Halloween Parade

Harvest time means Halloween is coming, and the annual Temple Halloween Parade kicks off the season for young and old alike in the Reading-Berks region of southern Pennsylvania.

Temple holds the region’s first annual Halloween parade every year – it’s a family-friendly harvest event not to miss. Harvest season parades are very popular in this region of southeastern Pennsylvania; Temple’s Halloween parade is one of the largest harvest season parades county-wide – it’s been a favorite annual harvest event for more than 20 years. And, in keeping with the Halloween atmosphere, the parade takes place at night!

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The Temple Halloween parade begins at 6PM and continues until after dark with many floats, costumed characters, marching bands and spooky antics all along the parade route.

Temple Halloween Parade Rules

Anyone participate in the Temple Halloween Parade

The Temple Halloween parade is all about good clean small town fun and family entertainment. It’s sponsored by the Muhlenberg Township Parks & Recreation Department (

If you’re interested in participating in the Temple, PA Halloween parade, there’s almost no limit to what you can do to be part of the fun.

You can walk, ride or enter a float for your business, organization, club, school, neighborhood or family. Or, you can enter a car, car group, truck, fire vehicle, ride on bicycle, horseback, motorcycle, wagon, tractor, roller skates or any other moving device. One year I spotted a rolling coffin … and the Shriners always have a group of midget cars running around in circles.

Parade participants often hand out treats along the parade route, so bring along your Treat Bag or Basket to hold your goodies. No candy-throwing allowed, but you can hand out treats to parade viewers along the route.

In order to participate, you need to submit an application before the date of the parade. Start time on the first Saturday in October is 6PM. If the parade is held on the next day (Sunday) due to rain delay, the step off time is earlier, at 4PM.

All participants are announced as they pass by the grandstand. Over 75 groups including High School Bands, car groups, Fire Companies, small and large costumed groups, and youth groups participate each year. This year’s parade marshall will be Nate DeLuca. The parade begins at the Muhlenberg Elementary Center and travels north up Kutztown Road and turns left onto Mt. Laurel Avenue. Prizes are awarded for various groups.

Temple Halloween Parade Was a Rousing Success – See You Next Year!

Parade date, parade route information

We caught the parade after dark this year. It was a perfect evening – nearly full moon, a few scraggly clouds drifted over the moon now and then (a real Halloween night natural special effect) and temperatures in the low sixties. Near the end of the parade we saw the coolest car entry: a tricked out Halloween hearse in flat black with kicking legs protruding from the front grill, big fins and spider webs all over the back of the vehicle (who knows what was inside … ) and FLAMES shooting straight up from the middle of the hood – from headers perhaps??) every time the driver revved the engine – it was loud, scary and very well done. That automobile was a BIG hit with everyone watching in our area near Hay Road.

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